We believe successful projects are a result of a deep understanding of the user’s needs and continual learning & feedback.  Our methodology leverages strategic and lean startup frameworks to create superior product and system designs.  We provide continuity through all aspects of a system lifecycle, partnering with you to deliver your core competency, and connecting the dots with other partners and technologies to create the whole solution.


Innovation Workshops

Interactive innovation workshops focused on proven frameworks and methodologies to bring a structured approach to your innovation process.

Product Strategy

Strategic business model, product-market fit and differentiation hypothesis development and experiment test plan seeking evidence to validate or pivot.

User-Centric Enterprise Software

Iterative, user-feedback driven enterprise software solutions taking a prototyping and Minimum Viable Product approach.

Agile Software

We provide continuity from lean product strategy to Agile software development to bring products to life and continue to test our hypotheses.

Partner Integrations

We apply our same methodology to our partner's software products ensuring customer success allowing them to stay focused on building their next big thing.


We start our projects with a traditional discovery and strategy or solution architecture, but instead of considering these “requirements”, we approach them instead as hypotheses to test during our iterative, sprint based methodology.


Our expertise is in conservation science and planning and as such we did not have a good method for evaluating opportunities and defining market strategy. We hired LeanCog to help.

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

BrightGrid's core competency is solar and lease finance, not enterprise software strategy and architecture.  LeanCog's methodology provided end to end solution which kept our users' needs in focus.



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