Tim Slavin – VP, Operations BrightGrid Solar

“In today’s fast paced world, the quality of your customer service is directly related to the quality of your technology solutions. So when we decided to automate our proposal and contract process, we wanted to make sure that we selected the technology that best fit our needs and would create a seamless, enjoyable experience for all of our customers. However, as a growing company, we lacked the skills and resources to make informed decisions on what was the right course of action. LeanCog was able to assist us with defining our requirements, guide us through the technology selection process, and manage the implementation process on-budget and on-schedule. The final result condensed our process from hours to minutes, and LeanCog’s involvement throughout the process allowed our management team to focus on growing the company. We continue our relationship with LeanCog today and rely on them for a broad range of development and administrative services.”

Customer Discovery through Managed Services: The Value of Continuity

cbgBrightGrid Solar is a white-label finance company offering leases to the residential solar market.  Given the nature of their business, they needed to be able to help their partners provide quotes, contract, and project management workflow in a highly customized and branded experience – being able to do this well is their key differentiator.  After their service oriented, manual process started to strain operations and they needed to find ways to automate their proposal and contract process in a way that didn’t lose the high-level of customization, flexibility and service that the manual process was providing.

BrightGrid’s core competency is solar and lease finance, not enterprise software strategy and architecture (and nor should it be!).  LeanCog’s methodology made us an ideal partner to help BrightGrid address this business challenge – how to provide automation to their complicated, service oriented partner processes.  LeanCog COGset methodology provided end to end solution management, taking ownership of all aspects of the solution – from architecture to outsourced support:

  • Discovery: LeanCog conducted an exhaustive set of interviews of both operations and customers to understand the “as-is” processes and customer pain points
  • Solution Architecture: LeanCog created a “to-be” conceptual design based on the feedback in discovery, and then performed an evaluation of existing technologies, build v. buy considerations and gap analysis, managed a vendor RFP process, and facilitated the decision
  • Program Management: LeanCog managed the implementation of the “Partner Portal” across 10 different vendors – connecting the dots between the different component solutions ensuring the guiding requirements were never lost sight of
  • Customer Launch: LeanCog provided onboarding and training of BrightGrid’s customers onto the portal, and captured user experiences and feedback along the way to constantly iterate the product
  • Support and Ongoing Development: LeanCog provided outsourced services to not just maintain the product, but continue to provide incremental development to improve it

LeanCog condensed our process from 3 days to 3 minutes

The result?  BrightGrid was able to have a best in class partner solution without ever having to build their own team.  They were able to scale development up and down on demand, all while maintaining continuity of resources thanks to LeanCog’s end to end services.